About FreeSouthJersey Bespoke Gifts

Hi. I’m Rachel. I’m the face behind FreeSouthJersey. I do illustration and lettering and design. My background is in professional and technical communications, so my take on design often reflects my fascination with the ways we communicate ideas.

I love writing and doodling – these little creative outlets have traveled along with me throughout my childhood, college days, and early career. These days I’m spending a lot more time on the writing and doodling and I LOVE IT.

My sense of humor is quirky and a bit dark. I listen to instrumental music when working. My dog has a normal name but my cat is named KittyKitty. Halloween is my favorite creative holiday; Christmas is my favorite for family. Ice cream of choice is Mint Chocolate Chip – NOT the green kind.

Things that I am a dork for:

  • beautiful user interface
  • netflix binges
  • bright and colorful design
  • south jersey (philly metro)
  • apple products
  • etymologies
  • internet rabbit holes
  • pinning tips and tricks for successful writers

If you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to see or a gift you’d loooove to give to the coolest person you know, send me a message. Trying new gifts is one of my favorite things EVER.

(You can also contact me via email: freesouthjersey@gmail.com)