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Design & Illustration

School Identity

This project, done on spec for a private school, involved graphic design creation, branding, and logo work. Parameters for design submissions: "Use of graphic elements should highlight the classical nature of the pedagogy, the faith-based focus, and should evoke industry, growth, and cultured development." Loved this project - creating a brand from scratch is always fun.


Uvalde Classical Academy

Art Direction

Rachel Hesse (spec submission)

Hand Lettered Quotes

Another ongoing project, begun on Instagram as part of the 100 Days Project. I have a lifelong obsession with quotations, and I wanted to get better at hand-lettering. When a new one is created it gets posted to the Tumblr account. Someday prints of some of these will exist...

Interior Design Logo

Along with a website refresh, Carla Royder Designs & Co. needed an updated logo. The parameters included a symmetrical image incorporating the company initials with modern, bold lines. Square shapes ("no curves!") were preferred, that preference is reflected in the final design.


Carla Royder Designs & Co.

Art Direction

Carla Royder

Health & Wellness Branding

Bluebird Massage & Mobility was a new company, needing logo and branding design along with its web presence. Parameters for branding included the quotation that inspired the company name, a request for feather/bluebird elements, and a desire for a blue-toned and relaxing color palette.


Bluebird Design & Mobility

Art Direction

Wymberley Pfalmer

Art Show

My sister and I grew up listening to our grandfather's poems - he and my grandmother have lived a life of adventure and through it all he wrote poems. When I was invited by a local gallery owner to show some work, shortly after my sister began on a few painted adaptations of Grandpa's poems, it seemed like the perfect combination. My sister and I showed paintings and Grandpa read his poems at the show's open. I maintain a sub-site with some of the work, in case you're interested.


Art Lab


Abel Ortiz

Bespoke Quilts

This began with an attempt to make a baby quilt for my new niece. I bit off much more than I should have been able to chew but it turned out okay. Shortly after finishing the baby quilt I had requests of two kiddo friends - the little girl wanted a Ninja Turtles quilt! Quilting (sewing in general, really) is something I do to keep me going on a hand-made craft. Otherwise, I tend to live as a slave to the computer.