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Young Adult

My Stupid Girl is Aurora Smith's debut novel. She wrote it in between dinner and homework hour, and late into the nights after everyone else in the house was asleep. I watched and listened as she worked out the nuances of writing a huge work over the course of a year, and then became a beta reader, revisions editor, and finally gave the book the once over for line edits. This is an editing job I thoroughly enjoyed because the book itself is so much fun to read.


My Stupid Girl


Aurora Smith

"It was moments like these when I realized I had been robbed of Social Skills 101 by having an adopted, alcoholic father. He'd never wanted kids in the first place but adopted one to please his persistent wife. Then she passed away in a car accident three months later. We didn't talk about it. We didn't really talk about anything. But even though the guy was a jerk, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him, being stuck with a kid he never wanted and losing someone he loved."

Academic (Dissertation)

I worked with Dr. Cerkez for over a year in various drafts of his dissertation. A retired Marine, Dr. Cerkez is now a computer wizard working as a contract programmer and AI specialist. Edits of this document included revision queries (i.e.: content revision) and substantial line edits.


Automated Detection of Semagram Laden Images


Dr. Paul Cerkez

"While steganography can often be identified by detecting digital modifications to an image's structure, an image-based semagram is more difficult because the message is the image itself. The work presented describes the creation of a novel, computer-based application, which uses hybrid hierarchical neural network architecture to detect the likely presence of a semagram message in an image."

Literary Fiction

This work is an "inspired by real events" and so was fascinating to read on a whole other level apart from the general enjoyment of good fiction. I asked the author (on more than one occasion) if this or that passage really happened. The answer, more often than not, was a resounding yes. Great dialogue and a quirky, unusual story set in the midst of Virginia's share of the Appalachian mountain range. My work for this novel consisted mostly of line edits.


Crigler's Fork


Richard Lloret

"Kyle Blevins is a small town sheriff's deputy in the mountains of Appalachia, deep in southwest Virginia. His investigation of a routine traffic death leads him into a mystifying and increasingly nightmarish world of guns, drugs, and murder. The story is at the same time laugh-out-loud funny and unnerving, as Kyle struggles through a bizarre crowd of humanity and events in a desperate effort to get to the truth before his life collapses.