Mural for The Inn Between TX

A new mural! This one was a collaboration with The Inn Between a super cute and eclectic place out in Concan TX. 

For those of you from other parts of the world, there are several geographic regions within the state of Texas. Concan is in Hill Country, which is a kind of rolling topography with some good streams and rivers.

(Apparently it’s also excellent soil for vineyards.)

The owners, Leah and Jake, both grew up a few hours from Concan. Then they adulted in other parts of the world for years before buying a old, worn out lil trailer park (because that’s what they could afford) and started doing major renovations on one house at a time.

Flash forward a few years and they now have six little cabins, each with its own personality and charm. I stayed in “The Greenhouse,” a kind of transitional style with lots of upscale touches and a bajillion plants. (My kiddo came with me and ended up naming many of the plants in the Greenhouse!)

Leah wanted a plant-themed mural and after a few sketches and revisions we settled on monstera and palm leaves on a dark background with some pops of pink and gold as highlights. 

The weather was 5000% not in our favor – ideal painting temps are between 60 and 75° and every morning we were there started out below freezing – but I did manage to get the entire base layer down and one entire mural section up. (Leah came in clutch to help with a second coat for the base.)

This project was way more stressful than I anticipated, both because of the weather and because my kiddo was kinda over it by the second day. Sometimes they’re really excited about being part of it and sometimes NOT. Mixing the work of parenting and making is a challenge!

So, I am so glad I was able to complete the one section, excited to have discovered this great vacation spot, and grateful both for the opportunity and for the experience.