Slow moving… Progress

Last post I laid out the basics of my goal for 2018. Writing that post made me take a realistic look at my current practices and how they were (or not) contributing to that goal.

Currently, a lot of my time is spent doing things OTHER than creating and sharing art. If I want to make an income from art (or sharing about art) I have to have/make time to actually DO it. The time will not magically appear.

This turns into a domino thing. I have a toddler at home which really cuts into daily practices. Part time childcare would solve that issue, but paying off debt is where all the spare cash is going right now. My spouse has odd hours so a regular job for me doesn’t work – the hours would conflict all the time leaving us with no one to watch kiddo.

So I have two options right now. One is getting some art online to purchase – I’m working on this one.

The other option is to work when I can grab hours. So I signed up with ride-sharing companies. As I write this post I am sitting in a very clean car, in an empty parking lot, with a grand total of $22 under my belt for three hours of work.

Its lower than minimum wage. It’s not ideal in terms of how I want income to work for us. But you know what? I’m $22 closer to my goal. Twenty-two dollars I didn’t have this time yesterday.

I went from standing still to movement. That’s progress.

📷 by SOCMIA Fotografía via Unsplash