Goal for 2018

I’ve been marinating on how to do art for a living. I think setting goals and working toward them is a biggie. So here’s that…

Goal for 2018: Make $2k a month (gross)

This breaks down to $500 a week, $100 a day, $25 an hour if I’m working half time.

To obtain this goal I need to start dedicating 20 hours a week to art biz and work at consistently achieving that hourly breakdown in profits. Right now the most sensible way to spend my time seems to be to split art and biz down the middle, 2/2 per day.

I’m gonna try to stick to that for the rest of July and see where I end up.

Watch me! Join me! Wish me luck!

📷 by Estée Jansens vía Unsplash

Hello World! (But seriously.)

I want to be a freelancer in illustration and lettering. There’s been plenty of dabbling over the years but never a full commitment. So I’m going to commit. And work on it. And document as much as possible.

This began (I guess) a while ago, when I bought the domain name and used it for a portfolio-of-all-trades. Recently, my spouse and I moved cross-country and I now have the time and resources to focus on working on not being scared and on doing the job I want to do.

I signed up for a Passion to Paid class with Lauren Hom and have since been honing my portfolio and working on building a passion project that focuses on (magically) illustration and lettering.

Local markets scare the crap out of me so I’m just gonna get the passion project out first. THEN worry about a regular income.

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Right? Right.

I’m gonna’ keep trying to document this journey. And I’m going to try to keep moving on this journey and not chicken out.