Holiday Freebie – Recipe Card


Our gifts for neighbors were packages of delicious chewy chocolate mint chip cookies (courtesy of Alton Brown’s classic recipe). We wrapped the festive Ziploc bags in a white and red striped kitchen towel and then added a layer of basket wrap plastic. On the string tying it all together we added a hand-lettered “from” tag and a tag-sized printout of the above graphic.

The printable above is free for personal use – just right click and “save image.” Everything you need to buy for this kind of thing is below, because I’m an Amazon Affiliate and I encourage you to make an excessive amount of cookies during the holidays. Calories don’t count during the holidays.

Holiday Freebie – Little Drummer Boy


Okay, it’s an admittedly niche line and niche humor. But Little Drummer Boy has some gem lines. And nerd music humor is always funny. (They’re talking about time signatures for the song… they’re keeping time. It’s funny.)

This is free for personal use! Whether you want to print it for yourself or gift it to a friend, all you need to do is right click on the image and “save image.” Happy Holidays!