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The People

Paul has been writing poems for decades. Several of them have been published, but he doesn’t write for fame or fortune. Instead, he writes poetry as a way to communicate to himself and those close to him. He’s a thoughtful man, so his poems are also thoughtful, with themes running the gamut from cranky customers […]

he makes guitars, too

The Poems

Paul has been writing poems for many years. The poems that inspired Zizi and Rae’s collection are just a few from his oeuvre. Poems Represented in the Show: Art (1992) Day Thirty-Four (2000) Fifteen Years (1991) Glassman (1987) In Words We Learned as Children (1971) Morning (1971) Missionary (1971) Palm Sunday (2012) Poetry (1970) Saplings […]

ART by Zizi


ART I shall take it apart, For I have missed the measure of it. I shall take it apart. For having made, I’ll make again unnumbered times; Until in fit and finish, No less than in design, I find it right. Paul Lloret, October 10, 1992 Zizi’s ART: Each of Granpa’s guitars have their own […]


Day Thirty-Four

DAY THIRTY-FOUR Day thirty-four is passing, And still my son lies silent on the bed. Drugged sleep contains him, Keeps him from the talk of men. Two battles rage when death knocks at his door: One fought with tubes and pumps and cat-scans and the like. The second fought with words oft spoken mixed with […]



GLASSMAN He says it is not magic, All the colors and the leaves and petals Shrunk and hardened into glass. He says its just technology – Technique and skill and other things He learned along the way. But I am not sure. I’ve watched them many times, The ones that work with flame and glass. […]


Fifteen Years

FIFTEEN YEARS It started with a box I was to make. I closed my eyes and saw it, And later on my hands recalled the vision in my head. Whatever they have asked for, I have made. I close my eyes and see it, And after that my hands recall the vision in my head. […]


In Words We Learned as Children

IN WORDS WE LEARNED AS CHILDREN When first he came, we thought him such As many who had come; Our fathers told of men who came with weapons, Men who walked throughout our land. And now men pass in birds That grind and clatter in the sky, But he has stayed. At first it was […]



MISSIONARY Within this town A thousand people move. I am unknown to them, right now, Who move within this town; But will collide Or steer a course to harmonize Within their passing tracks. How many men has God laid out To glide towards my movements In this corner of the world? How many will be […]


Palm Sunday

PALM SUNDAY: THE KING CAME THROUGH The King came through that day, Without as crown, without a chariot; Yet still they cried “Hosannah!” The King came through that day, To clean the Temple, Heal the sick and lame; And for this work the leaders plotted death. Paul Lloret, February 3, 2012 Zizi’s PALM SUNDAY: I […]


Saplings and Trees

SAPLINGS AND TREES I want the Saplings, not the Trees! New Saplings, bearing glorious Gifts Spread by the Promised One who comes From Father, and from Father’s Son. I do not want “maturing trees”; Not Rome’s, Geneva’s – any ones grown up Through time; they are diseased. Some flickering Life they do preserve, Stretched thin […]



POETRY I wish that words would come; That I could write without the fight To tie them to the paper. I trail the hazy, half formed thoughts Which are beyond my fingertips, Unfocused by my eyes. I plot to catch them unawares; To spew them fast as mind and pen Can touch them to the […]