The People

zizi - paul - rae

Paul has been writing poems for decades. Several of them have been published, but he doesn’t write for fame or fortune. Instead, he writes poetry as a way to communicate to himself and those close to him. He’s a thoughtful man, so his poems are also thoughtful, with themes running the gamut from cranky customers to deep despair and sorrow.

His grandchildren grew up listening to the various poems, sometimes inspired to write their own in return. Paul is also intensely creative. Any and all creative forays by his children and grandchildren are met with boundless enthusiasm.

Zizi, who is never far from a sketchbook or a tube of acrylics, began to sketch and paint a collection based on a series of Paul’s poems concerned with the liturgical year. When Rae’s coworker asked her about showing some pieces in a gallery, the triangle of awesomeness was completed. The two grandchildren worked feverishly to create interpretive works based on the poems. This collection is the result.


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