ART by Zizi


I shall take it apart,
For I have missed the measure of it.
I shall take it apart.
For having made,
I’ll make again unnumbered times;
Until in fit and finish,
No less than in design,
I find it right.

Paul Lloret, October 10, 1992

Zizi’s ART:

Each of Granpa’s guitars have their own texture, design and vibrancy singular to the instrument itself. The images on the canvas depict the basic outline of four acoustic guitar bodies. All have their specific texture, color and shape. The design is floating on a myriad of color and movement, indicating the flow of tangible ideas. They are connected but unique and unbroken.

Rae’s ART

One of the biggest things Grandpa taught me was to enjoy the process of creating. I learned how to appreciate making things without the impatience and stress that comes with a deadline – even if it means making, unmaking, and remaking. Fittingly, this painting went through several revisions before I “found it right.” My goal was to create a canvas that was not only a joy to look at (and touch!) but one that depicted both a taking apart and a coming together.

(When Zizi and I compared sketches, we got a kick out of the fact that our mental images related to this poem were so similar. We’d both imagined, separately, a riot of colors and a ton of movement. Great minds think alike… )

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