Fifteen Years



It started with a box I was to make.
I closed my eyes and saw it,
And later on my hands recalled the vision in my head.

Whatever they have asked for, I have made.
I close my eyes and see it,
And after that my hands recall the vision in my head.

Paul Lloret, 1991


Mechanical and structural engineering are a part of my Granpa’s work as a self-taught artisan. My work is simplistic but chaotic, mentally running through the logic problems associated with a process as basic as building a box. I wanted to capture the flow of ideas, his explosive creativity as an artist combined with his reasoning as an engineer.


There’s a strange connection between what happens in your head when you imagine a project and how your hands translate that work. For this piece I wanted to actually build boxes. I started simple – the easiest origami box is called a masu box. There are several of them peppered throughout the piece. But as I became more comfortable with how my hands translated the work, I began to branch out. I found new things to do, I even looked for specific instructions – trying to find origami diagrams that best matched the “vision in my head.”

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