He says it is not magic,
All the colors and the leaves and petals
Shrunk and hardened into glass.
He says its just technology –
Technique and skill and other things
He learned along the way.
But I am not sure.

I’ve watched them many times,
The ones that work with flame and glass.
They say it isn’t magic,
But smile sometimes when pressed,
Then talk about the weather,
Or my cabinets or my kids.
So I am not sure.

Sometimes when flowers grow in crystal by their hands,
I listen for the incantations,
And watch for motions of their wands.
I’ve heard no words, nor seen their wands,
Nor found their magic book as yet.
They say it isn’t magic,
But I am not sure.

Paul Lloret, February, 1987


Paul Stankard is a gifted glass artist and Grandpa’s friend. His work is organic, botanically accurate and alive. You can view it here;
I tried to create the idea of energy through fire, growth through living plant life and action in the movement of the figures. If you visit his website, you will see where my inspiration came from.


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