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SHIRTS We lost our shirts in Nicaragua. We came back with seven barrels, Three footlockers, and a ‘67 Van. Few understood why we came back, And we grew tired of stories unbelieved That told how we were changed. Time passed, and in the plant one day A foreman stopped. He must have glimpsed some portion […]

Rae's WHEN


WHEN My client came in anger, Asking, “When.” I waited, looking in his eye, “This is my magic, and my shop. I cannot work by time or rote.” I said, “I work when magic’s strong; When magic’s mine. Some times it’s long, sometimes it’s short, And if I make one cut, or nine, I have […]


MORNING Lord, make this newborn day to march To the drumbeat of your will; And let me hear the drumbeat still, When all around with noisy cries Demand my time. So rest my heart upon that will, That when I move against the tide Of mind’s opinions, and tradition’s ties, I may not curse the […]

he makes guitars, too

The Poems

Paul has been writing poems for many years. The poems that inspired Zizi and Rae’s collection are just a few from his oeuvre. Poems Represented in the Show: Art (1992) Day Thirty-Four (2000) Fifteen Years (1991) Glassman (1987) In Words We Learned as Children (1971) Morning (1971) Missionary (1971) Palm Sunday (2012) Poetry (1970) Saplings […]