I’m Rachel (sometimes Rae; not Rachel Rae and never Rach). Many years ago I moved from the Philly suburbs to rural southwest Texas. I earn money as a freelance content writer and spend lots of unpaid time trying out new crafts or learning new shiny bits of history or technique.

I had a blog a long time ago where I chronicled my adventures and this is a sort of 2.0 version of that previous work. Less frequently updated, more scattershot, and still very focused on justifying my affinity for nerd culture.

I don’t travel much. My home is not Instagrammable. I’m a parent with low tolerance for kid-friendly activities or snacks. Fashion is something I watch from the sidelines.

Basically, I’m a terrible influencer. If you stay, it’s because you’re okay with that.

What else? I like reading and I think video games are magical.