The Selkenweaver Adventure

A spooky, system-agnostic ttrpg adventure with drippy caves, zombies, and exploration out the wazoo.

This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter in February 2023 and is currently in development.

Something weird, even horrifying, has begun to creep upon the Selkenweaver Estate. Gruesome deaths and wasting illnesses have gutted the small village of Heddleboro. On the hill overlooking the village, Selkenweaver Manor has been notably unresponsive, barring their doors to all who seek to enter. And from the mountain overshadowing the whole Selken Valley, a deep fog rolls down. 

It might be natural, but the villagers have begun to whisper that their current state is more than bad luck… 

Here’s the text from our Kickstarter campaign:

This adventure began as a loosely-cobbled collection of settings and ideas created by Rose back in 2017. The two of us (Rose and Rae) have since been slowly assembling the pieces into a master document that wants refining and some good writing. We are using ZineQuest to motivate ourselves to finish!

The story is system agnostic. We began playing it as a D&D campaign and realized the  exploration-heavy, combat-lite style we were favoring meant we could offer this adventure as one that could be used with more than one ttrpg system. 

Who is this made for?

This project is built with Game Masters in mind – it will have most of what you need to run a multi-session adventure for your ttrpg group. 

Who is it made by?

Rae and Rose are sisters who grew up on high fantasy and lots of storytelling. They are enthusiastic gamers, of both tabletop and electronic games, and they have a particular affinity for role playing games. 

(Fun fact: Rose introduced Rae to ttrpg back in 2018 with an early version of the Selkenweaver Adventure.  Rae has been going hard on the ttrpg train since then.)

In real life, Rose works as a biologist and Rae works as a writer. They both like delicious food, so expect some Redwall-level food descriptions. 

What does it include?

A three-act story with exploration-rich locations, objects, and characters. We provide an overview of the driving plot beats, detailed descriptions of places and faces, and a list of objects that can be used to advance the story or reward players.

The Story will include a detailed narrative outline with major plot beats, lots of lore, connections between characters and location and motives and objects, and suggestions for how to direct players and resolve the story. 

Locations will include rich narrative descriptions, notable places, images to set tone and mood, and suggestions for non-player characters (NPCs) your players might encounter. 

Objects will include rich narrative descriptions, detailed explanations as to how the objects came to exist and why they’re significant, and suggestions for where players might find or encounter the objects. Images may be included.

Characters will include physical descriptions, background, and motivations for NPCs in the story, as well as suggestions about how to frame the player character motivations and presence in this adventure. Images may be included. 

What isn’t included in this adventure? 

Neither stats nor mechanics are included in this adventure. 

Instructions on how to be a Game Master are not included. 

What’s the timeline? 

The core material exists as a large documents with detailed lists and outlines. Our next step is to arrange the material into a rough technical document and begin filling in details. This will take us to the end of March. We will playtest in April, and revise in June. Our goal is to release the PDF adventure in mid to late June 2023. 

Seasoned GMs would recognize our current material as a comprehensive collection of what you’d need to run a homebrew game. We’re using the Kickstarter to turn it into a full-fledged, publishable adventure. 

Where are the goals?! 

No stretch goals for this one, because we don’t have the resources to create a print run this time around. If it does well we may attempt a print run in the future. 

We are also trying to prioritize our time – much as we would like to offer maps and custom character sheets and similar stuff, we know those things will distract from getting the adventure done. 

That being said: if our numbers get into the thousands instead of the hundreds we will most likely commission some art, because indie artists are amazing and all indie publications are improved with gorgeous, custom-made art. 

Risks and challenges

Our biggest challenge will be time allotment to get this finished. It’s a side project for both of us so it’s a “nights and weekends” kind of thing. This is part of why we’ve given ourselves several months to work and are keeping this project as electronic-delivery only. Both give us more flexibility, time-wise.