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Successfully Funded

Whelp. Kickstarter had a blurb about “ZineQuest” shortly after I got into writing the one shot so I decided to do it, forcing myself to commit to some deadlines. It’s been good

The project goal was only a few hundred dollars because all I wanted to do was fund a print run of the adventure. It’s currently past $2k with another few days to go. Very much a win.

I’ve messaged every single backer so far, asking them what attracted them to the project and how they think they’ll use it. The responses have been super helpful.

Now that I have the bulk of the text done I’m working on art and supplements (appendices). There’s a lot more I could include so from this point forward I think my struggle will be with the concept of enough.

More stuff isn’t going to mean a better project. My focus should be on testing what I have now and getting feedback for it. And the adventure is for players first, GMs second. The text needs to favor teaching players to play, not on teaching GMs to run a game

I’m scheduling some play test sessions this month. Hopefully I get more good info and can revise well.

Thanks for reading!