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  • I made this.

    I made this.

    I made a ‘zine with some stuff in it. Took a lot longer than I expected to finish it up, but now it’s done. That’s nice.

  • Successfully Funded

    Successfully Funded

    Whelp. Kickstarter had a blurb about “ZineQuest” shortly after I got into writing the one shot so I decided to do it, forcing myself to commit to some deadlines. It’s been good The project goal was only a few hundred dollars because all I wanted to do was fund a print run of the adventure.…

  • I’m writing a one shot.

    I’m writing a one shot.

    I had a regular real life D&D group for a month. This is a bucket list event that I’ve been working hard to achieve for over four years. Then they took a break and I needed something to fill the Void. Decided to write a one shot specifically for new players, to help them learn…

  • D&D for Friends: a Marination

    D&D for Friends: a Marination

    I’ve been thinking about this for a LONG time, years at this point. I love the basic idea of sitting around and immersing a group in a role play situation. The few times I’ve been on the player end that kind of experience has been great. I also think the D&D system has a painfully…