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  • Reading List 2022

    Reading List 2022

    Most years I begin with compiling a large list of books I’d like to read, helped by Popsugar prompts. That site gets at least two visits from me every year, one to check out the list as the year changes over, and another (usually in the summer) when I renew my zeal for reading and…

  • Out With the Old.

    Out With the Old.

    The holidays always seem to introduce a LOT of new stuff into the house so we decided: this year the Christmas cleanup would include getting rid of Stuff. Many bags of toys made it to the curb (clearly labeled so some enterprising neighbor could grab). A full bag of clothes. Several bags of trash. Us…

  • Hello world.

    Hello world.

    A long time ago I kept a blog that served as a sort of public diary. This is (hopefully) a 2.0 version of that original blog. It’s Christmas Eve and the buying/wrapping frenzy is over so I’ve started mulling over the change to a new year. Documenting the stuff I’m trying (and doing!) seems important…