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  • Novel Ideas

    Novel Ideas

    Every year since 2009 (earlier, actually, but I don’t know how much earlier because it was a different email address. Remember hotmail‽) I have started at least one project over at Sometimes I start up a novel during the month of November (the NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth) and sometimes I do Camp during the…

  • I made this.

    I made this.

    I made a ‘zine with some stuff in it. Took a lot longer than I expected to finish it up, but now it’s done. That’s nice.

  • Successfully Funded

    Successfully Funded

    Whelp. Kickstarter had a blurb about “ZineQuest” shortly after I got into writing the one shot so I decided to do it, forcing myself to commit to some deadlines. It’s been good The project goal was only a few hundred dollars because all I wanted to do was fund a print run of the adventure.…

  • I’m writing a one shot.

    I’m writing a one shot.

    I had a regular real life D&D group for a month. This is a bucket list event that I’ve been working hard to achieve for over four years. Then they took a break and I needed something to fill the Void. Decided to write a one shot specifically for new players, to help them learn…

  • Spring Recap

    Spring Recap

    Between my last post and now: In late January I did a multi day road trip to visit a friend and their family. I don’t usually do trips like that because I sincerely dislike having visitors as a rule and I assume everyone else does too. But I would gladly host this friend and their…

  • About Reading and Reviewing

    About Reading and Reviewing

    I was big into reading as a little kid and my fascination with books and reading has remained through much of my life (unlike my affinity for swimming in very cold water, which has not). When someone recommends a book to me I want to know why they liked it. If they tell me they…

  • My Take on Book Ratings

    My Take on Book Ratings

    It’s tough to quantify my feelings on books and after years of scrolling through Goodreads ratings I’m aware that my four star rating isn’t the same as someone else’s. So it’s a good idea to keep a record somewhere of wtf I mean when I say “oh bravo, four stars.” Here it is. One star…

  • Moar Reading!

    Moar Reading!

    I set my annual book count goal at 78 but so far I only have 50 books on my 2022 “to be read” list. To get a few more in the pile of possibilities I’m using the Book Riot “read harder” challenge list. Documenting here because… because.

  • Reading List 2022

    Reading List 2022

    Most years I begin with compiling a large list of books I’d like to read, helped by Popsugar prompts. That site gets at least two visits from me every year, one to check out the list as the year changes over, and another (usually in the summer) when I renew my zeal for reading and…

  • D&D for Friends: a Marination

    D&D for Friends: a Marination

    I’ve been thinking about this for a LONG time, years at this point. I love the basic idea of sitting around and immersing a group in a role play situation. The few times I’ve been on the player end that kind of experience has been great. I also think the D&D system has a painfully…

  • Out With the Old.

    Out With the Old.

    The holidays always seem to introduce a LOT of new stuff into the house so we decided: this year the Christmas cleanup would include getting rid of Stuff. Many bags of toys made it to the curb (clearly labeled so some enterprising neighbor could grab). A full bag of clothes. Several bags of trash. Us…

  • New Year

    Another year! According to Goodreads, I managed to read 60 books. According to Ravelry, I managed to complete 3 (big) knitting projects. According to Quickbooks, I made $2,919 in freelance writing. My kid is alive and thriving and my relationships with both kid and spouse are doing well. Looking at that data feels good; it’s…

  • Boxing Day

    Boxing Day

    I had to look up Boxing Day because it’s not a holiday celebrated in the US. I like the idea of it though – that the folks who have to work on Christmas Day get to celebrate the next day. I’m spending the day catching up on regular chores and prepping for a post-Christmas road…

  • Hello world.

    Hello world.

    A long time ago I kept a blog that served as a sort of public diary. This is (hopefully) a 2.0 version of that original blog. It’s Christmas Eve and the buying/wrapping frenzy is over so I’ve started mulling over the change to a new year. Documenting the stuff I’m trying (and doing!) seems important…